Everything you need to know about nail guns and framing nailers

Bostitch framing nailers are one of the best in the nail gun marketA nail gun also called a nailer is a tool that is used to constrain nails into the wood instead of a hammer. A nail gun is mainly driven by electromagnetic, pneumatic, and highly flammable gas like propane. A nail gun was first designed by a civil engineer by the name Morris Pynoos.

Types of nail guns

There are different types of nail guns, with each suited for a certain purpose like fencing, designing small models, roofing and in construction decks. The most common nailer includes the following:

Framing nailers

This is a heavy duty nailer used in construction and wood framing. It is used to join 2×4’s and requires nails up to 31/2”. Framing nailers offer sequential trip and a toll-free depth is driven adjustment. The nailers vary in terms of power source, degrees, and triggers.

More information and tips about nailers

Roofing nailers

As the name suggest, roofing nailers are used to driving roofing nails. They use short nails but with large heads. They can also be used in siding and related materials. The nails mainly come in a coil with large round heads to fulfill the roofing requirements. The models can offer sequential trip or switchable contact and a tool-free depth drive adjustment.

Flooring nailers

These are specially designed nailers that are used to drive nails at right angles while standing on the floor. The nails flooring nails are T-shaped and are used to easily perform flooring jobs. They are usually pneumatic.

Finishing nailers

They are mainly used by furniture makers and carpenters. Finishing nailers are capable of driving high gauge nails for detailed work or for trimming. The nailers can drive nails in pine or oak wooden pieces together. They can accept a number of nail sizes and heads. Usually, 16” finish nailers are mainly used in carpentry jobs. They can be available either as cordless nailers or air compression.

Brad nailers

These are light duty nailers for 18 gauge nails. They are different from finishing nailers mainly because nail magazine is not angled with framing nailers. Brad nailers are mainly used in small wood projects like precision or upholstery work or in making cabinets. The models offer sequential trip or switchable.

Concrete nailers

These are powerful nail guns that drive nails into concrete. They are mainly used for industrial purposes and rarely as carpenter nailers.

Most popular framing nailer brands

Some of the best and popular framing nailer brands include:Bostitch, Dewalt, Paslode, Hitachi - great brands

Hitachi – it is simple to adjust and in choosing the riving depth. It is comfortable to work with a rubber grip and hence can one can work for long hours. It is a very reliable nailer.

Bostitch – It has the ability to easily switch the nose piece. It has impressive driving power and easy to get any nail depth desired. It is a large capacity but lightweight nail gun.

Paslode – Can be used in remodeling work. It has enough power with a great size. It has a great design with great power. It can be adjusted to gain any depth required.

Bosch – It can provide a great jam excellence. It is very heavy and it is a solid performer.

Dewalt – an aluminum nailer with great power. It offers a trigger swap and easy to change from sequential trip to contact trip modes.

Duo-fast – This is a sturdy nailer with great power to hit very hard. It is safe to be used in framing material adjuster when there is need.

GripRite – It has a large raft hook that easily rotates around. It is a dual-load magazine with a great balance.

Makita – It is well known for being the heaviest and expensive nailer. It has some immense features like a switch to change trigger models, a great metal exhaust and a metal rafter hook.

Max SuperFramer – This is a lightweight and most compact nail gun. It is used to squeeze into tight spaces and offers great balance.

Porter-Cable – It is a lightweight nailer but one of the hardest hitting for some dense work.

SureBonder – It has a quick switch to change it from sequential trips to contact tip modes. It is very lightweight.

Advantages of using a framing nailer

Safety – there is no risk of hurting fingers as the operator need not hold nails in place with their fingers

Powerful – Framing nailer drives nails with lots of pressurized force. It is very superior in power.

Accurate – framing nailer is very accurate. There is less possibility of miss a target or hammer nails crookedly.

No carrying of nails – operator does not need to carry nails around physically.

Speed – It is possible to drive many nails within a minute, at a rate of three times the normal hammer.

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